North West Tail Lift Servicing

We provide regular and comprehensive tail lift servicing, ensuring your tail lift is kept safe and in good working condition at all times.

  • Maintain Commercial Tail Lifts
  • Ensure Lifts Are Safe
  • Identify and Fix Any Faults

Tail Lift Servicing

What Does Tail Lift Servicing Include?

We know just how important it is that tail lifts are operated correctly and safely. With complete and thorough tail lift servicing, we will ensure that your vehicle's tail lifts meet all safety regulations. It's vital that tail lifts are serviced regularly. We will keep you informed so that you know when your tail lift is next due for servicing. When you bring the tail lift in for servicing, we will thoroughly check the equipment. We will identify any minor or major faults with the tail lift, all of which will be notified to you. Our engineers will explain your options and provide the best possible advice so your vehicle can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

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Why Choose P. Airey for Tail Lift Servicing?

Tail lift servicing by P. Airey Tail Lifts is available for many commercial vehicles. We are highly experienced in this area of commercial transport, and we have particular expertise in tail lifts. From new tail lift sales to repairs, servicing and LOLER, we are the North West's leading company in tail lifts. So rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring your tail lift is safe and compliant!

You will benefit with peace of mind knowing that your tail lift service will be carried out by our professional and highly qualified engineers. Our engineers know exactly what to look for when conducting a thorough service, and they will leave no stone unturned when examining faults. With regular tail lift servicing, we will make sure that your tail lift is kept in good working condition, is safe to use, and works as efficiently as possible.


How Often Do You Need to Service a Tail Lift?

At a bare minimum, we recommend that your tail lift is serviced at least two times a year. This time frame will often work in tangent with legally-required inspections. However, depending on usage, your tail lift may require as many as four services per year. Our experts will let you know how often your tail lift may need to be serviced. While an inspection will check for defects or deterioration, it doesn't involve maintenance or repair work. A full tail lift service will ensure your equipment is in excellent condition and works efficiently.


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As specialists in tail lifts, you won't find a company better equipped than P. Airey. We will help you operate safely with a thorough tail lift service at regular intervals. We can provide tail lift servicing anywhere in the North West, such as Liverpool, the Wirral, Warrington, Southport, Birkenhead, and Manchester. To book a tail lift service or if you would like to request more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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