When the unexpected occurs and your tail lift breaks down, the inconvenience and disruption to your operations can be daunting. Whether you’re a logistics professional, a business owner, or an individual relying on this essential equipment, knowing how to respond is crucial.

How unexpected breakdowns can disrupt you

  1. Operational delays: Tail lifts are often used for loading and unloading goods, especially in industries such as logistics, delivery services, and transportation. A breakdown can lead to delays in scheduled deliveries or pickups, affecting customer satisfaction and contractual agreements.
  2. Downtime: When a tail lift breaks down, the vehicle it’s attached to becomes unusable for its intended purpose. This downtime can result in lost productivity and revenue for businesses that rely on efficient operations.
  3. Financial impact: If you don’t have a 24/7 breakdown service agreement, repairing or replacing tail lifts can be costly.
  4. Safety concerns: Malfunctioning equipment can pose safety risks to the operator and others nearby.
  5. Reputation damage: Clients and customers may lose trust in the reliability of the business’s services, leading to a potential loss of future contracts and customers.
  6. Logistical challenges: Businesses that rely on tight schedules and carefully coordinated logistics can face significant challenges when a tail lift fails. It may disrupt the entire supply chain, affecting other aspects of the business.
  7. Emergency repairs: These fixes can be time-consuming and may involve locating a qualified technician, ordering parts, and waiting for the repair to be completed.
  8. Loss of productivity: Employees and operators may be unable to perform their tasks efficiently if the tail lift is not functioning. This leads to frustration, reduced morale, and decreased productivity.

What to do in the event of a breakdown

Safety should always be your top priority. Ensure the vehicle is parked responsibly, away from traffic, and that you have set up proper warning signs or cones if needed.

Try to determine the extent of the problem. Is it a mechanical issue, an electrical problem, or something else? Check for obvious issues like loose connections, blown fuses, or visible damage. However, avoid attempting repairs beyond your skill level, as this could worsen the problem.

Call P. Airey Tail Lifts at 0800 612 3164. Our dedicated team will swiftly arrange for a skilled engineer to come to your location. We know how to assess and remedy the situation efficiently.

P. Airey Tail Lifts provides a comprehensive 24/7 breakdown package to minimise business disruptions. Their UK-based engineers are capable of reaching any corner of Europe. Upon arrival, the crew will be equipped with authentic replacement parts to tackle any problem effectively.

If the tail lift breakdown affects your business operations, communicate with relevant parties such as clients and suppliers. Let them know about the situation and any potential delays. Also, consider alternative arrangements for loading and unloading goods. This could involve renting a replacement vehicle, using manual labour, or temporarily outsourcing transportation needs.

It’s good practice to document the breakdown incident, including photos or videos if possible. This documentation might be helpful for insurance purposes, warranty claims, or future reference.

Once the tail lift is repaired, discuss preventive maintenance measures with the technician. Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns in the future.

Remember that dealing with a broken-down tail lift can be stressful, but maintaining a calm and organised approach will help you manage the situation more effectively. Always prioritise safety and seek professional help when needed.

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